Venues + Events Live Digital Programme


Learn and engage with key experts who will be tackling current industry issues and vital updates and participate in our wellness classes.


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Wednesday 23rd September
10:00 Morning Yoga Class Join us as we kick start the first day of Venues + Events Live Digital with the Experience Collective Health and Wellbeing team who are presenting a morning yoga stretch and mini-meditation class live from Ibiza to leave you revitalised and energised ready for a day of learning and networking. The Experience Collective
10:30 Venues for the Year Ahead Explore the latest venues available across the UK; from Restaurants & Bars to Hotels and Events Spaces perfect for live/hybrid events. This session will give you expert tips on the hottest new spaces and some guidance on which venues to choose as live events commence and as we look to the year ahead. Lisa Boissel, Managing Director Miss Jones PA
11:30 The Power of You Never has it been more important to understand your depths of personal strength and business resilience. Professional event planner, Liz Taylor, shares her thoughts on harnessing adversity to rediscover the power of YOU. Believing that the Covid-19 pandemic has been a time to find the creativity, motivation and determined mindset that sits inside us all. With colourful anecdotes and refreshing honesty, Liz explains how in order to manage her event business through the past few months, she has worked hard at knowing her own value. Liz Taylor, Managing Director, TLC
12:30 Lunchtime HITT Training Take part in this superb energiser designed for all levels of ability. The Experience Collective Health and Wellbeing team will present a multi-level (HITT) High-Intensity Interval training session. Take a keyboard break, get up on your feet, jump around, get the blood pumping and work up an appetite for lunch and networking. The Experience Collective
12:30 Venues & Supplier Networking Take a break from our sessions and visit our venue and supplier booths for networking, one-to-one consultations and live product demonstrations Exhibitor booths
13:30 Future of Events This panel of industry experts from MPI UK and Ireland will discuss the Future of Events. What impact has Covid had to they way to think about putting on events, have event objectives changed? Will we see less in person events in the future? How has or will technology help drive change within the industry. Hosted by Judy Elvey, President, MPI UK & Ireland Chapter
Panellists include: David Preston, CEO, Realise | Michael Piddock, Founder, Glisser | Cathy Joyce, Global Sales, Melia Hotels International | Emma Wellstead, Founding Partner, Warwick Events
14:30 Diversifying the Supply Chain Supply chain diversity is not only good for your business, its vital for the recovery of the events industry. Research and studies have proven that a diverse supply chain provides a number of benefits. In this session Ashanti will cover how to diversify the events supply chain. Ashanti Bentil-Dhue, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Expert, Diversity Ally
15:30 2020: The Super Year This session will educate you on the importance of self-care and building resilience as events professionals so that we can better manage stress, drive our productivity and creativity and, stay event well. Helen Moon, CEO, EventWell
16:30 Cocktail Masterclass It's time to toast the first day of Venues + Events Live Digital. The Experience Collective entertainment team will present a cocktail master class designed to be easily mixed at home with minimal equipment. We will provide a list of what alcohol, mixers, fruit and equipment to prepare in advance then live online our mixologist will teach you techniques for mixing, pouring and garnishes. The Experience Collective
Thursday 24th September
10:00 Beginners Breathworks Class Join us for an immune-boosting start to Venues + Events Live Digital with the Experience Collective Health and Wellbeing team who are presenting a beginners breathwork class. Learn simple breathwork techniques designed to wake you up and ensure you are focused ready for a day of valuable content and networking. The Experience Collective
10:30 The Role of the Future Event Manager This session will explore the latest guidance for events resulting from the pilot events commencing this September. It will also cover the new training and skills event managers will need to adopt in this new environment alongside the fundamental components of safe event planning such as security and safety. Lou Kiwanuka, Managing Director, The Shaper Group
11:30 Doorstep Incentives Delivering a top class incentive programme to your UK based team is often believed to involve jetting off to a far flung corner of the globe. In this informative interactive session discover how a domestic incentive programme will not only deliver the wow factor but cut carbon emissions and support our home grown meetings and events sector. Leo Platt, Managing Director, Leopold Marketing
12:30 Pivoting to Hybrid and Virtual Events Our panel of experts will discuss their experiences of transitioning from live to digital events and the steps and planning involved with executing virtual events. They'll also look at what does the future hold for the events industry and whether hybrid events be the 'new normal'? Panellists include: Juliet Tripp, Senior Event Manager, Chemical Watch | Simon Walton, Creative Director, Silverstream | Neil Thompson, Founder & Managing Director, Delegate Wranglers
13:30 Lunchtime Zumba Class A modern take on this super fun dance fitness trend. The Experience Collective Health and Wellbeing team will present a beginners Zumba dance class. Dancing instantly makes you happy giving an immediate rush of endorphins. So inject some movement into your day and follow their instructor to some upbeat tunes in the comfort of your own home. A perfect energising start to your lunchtime networking session. The Experience Collective
13:30 Venues and Suppliers Networking Take a break from our sessions and visit our venue and supplier booths for networking, one-to-one consultations and live product demonstrations Exhibitor Booths
14:30 Is your event PR-worthy? Struggling to get take up of your event or brand PR? In this session, Katie will share ideas on how event professionals can create a narrative with a purpose that speaks to target audiences and generate more press interest, greater coverage and ultimately more attendees across digital, live and hybrid events. Katie Morhen, Director, 52eight3
15:30 The Importance of Wellbeing Within the Workplace Hear from a panel of corporate bookers and wellness experts, who will explore why it is important that employers take the wellbeing of their staff seriously - and offer some tips on how to promote wellbeing within the office. Hosted by Charlotte Russell, Head of PA Life
Panellists include: Louise Warren, COO, Eventwell | Claudine Martin, PA, Ministry of Defence | Amy Gallagher, PA Life Columnist, Transformational Coach & Healer
16:30 Making The Most Of Your Social Media Join SocialB for a bitesize masterclass on using social media as a key part of your event promotions. They will share hints and tips based on working with international event organisers, hosting both virtually and in person events. You will discover how to find your audience before your event as well as how to build excitement around your event and how to keep those conversations going! Lynsey Sweales, CEO, SocialB
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