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3 key factors event planners need to consider for their wellbeing


There were a lot of factors that influenced the events industry in 2019, from political uncertainty to financial instability and from technological developments to sustainability. With mental ill-health leading the main cause of sickness absence in the UK, it’s important to pay more attention to these factors and how they are affecting many individuals. Most importantly, how can we look after ourselves to adapt to any of these changes in a healthy way.

According to EventWell, “42% of event professionals have changed job due to stress and 75% have left stressed in the past 12 months.” So how can we reduce stress and avoid this from happening? We have listed 3 methods you should consider for your wellbeing.


1. Think about what is affecting your wellbeing – Although this may be an obvious question, you must consider the fact that every person is different and there are many ways to deal with a problem. In a world where everything is constantly changing, it’s very difficult to make sure you don’t get dragged into it. As an event professional your priority is your wellbeing, that’s why it’s important to ask yourself this question “what is affecting your wellbeing?”


2. Encourage open conversations with your co-workers – The best people to discuss any work problems is with your fellow colleagues at work. They are the most understanding and helpful people you could have (if you don’t feel comfortable with your colleagues, HR are the perfect people to discuss your problems) in your day to day life. Remember that as event planners you spend most of your time at work, planning between four to nine events a year, so it’s very important that you understand why open conversations at your workplace are critical and how they can help your wellbeing long term.


3. Make sure you have plenty of time to sleep – Planning annual events, meetings, Christmas parties, summer parties or conferences from scratch can be time consuming. Have you heard people say “some people find a beautiful place, others make a place beautiful” well that’s the best part of being an event planner, you get to demonstrate your skills and abilities of what you can do with your projects. However, this can also become very exhausting and that’s why sleeping is one of many important factors you must consider for your wellbeing.


And so why is getting enough sleep crucial? - “Sleep makes you beautiful” what do you think of this? I bet you’ve heard everyone talk about the importance of sleeping. And they are right, according to a research in order to revive your body and regenerate your bodies tissues are to sleep between the hours of 22:00-00:00. Sleeping enhances recovery from strenuous training, exercise and process our memories in the correct way.


To find out more visit the EventWell website here:
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