3 Vegan Restaurants for your intimate event


A couple of years ago we would wonder how we could possibly find at least 3 top vegan restaurants to shout about, but nowadays we find ourselves narrowing down our options thanks to the new plant revolution. Throughout the well-known campaign “Veganuary” The Vegan Society saw that the number of people eating vegan foods for the month of January double in 2019, with a massive growth of 250,0000 people signing up to the vegan campaign compared to previous year. According to a study conducted by Imperial College in 2019, your diet is where you can make the biggest difference. And it’s true, we see people changing their eating habits, trying new things and becoming more aware of what they put in their bodies.


So what does this mean when booking your catering services? Do we have to be more conscious of dietary restrictions?


As event organisers providing catering to our guests’ standards is a must! Who doesn’t love food? Vegans want to have a variety of options to choose from so that’s why it’s important to find places where there is a wide variety of options especially since everyone is talking about Veganuary.


So, here’s our top vegan restaurants which we believe could help your event have an unforgettable impact from taste to experience.



The Farmacy understands the importance of what people consume as well as how it’s helping our world. They do this by providing fully organic & biodynamic wine as well as sourcing local, organic, small batch, artisanal spirits to use in refined sugar-free cocktails. Nothing beats their values and the mission they have. The venue has a private space crammed with natural light and greenery, where creative events take place. You’ll have a choice of set menus, for breakfast, lunch, brunch or dinner.


By Chloe.

Starting their journey in the US making their way up to Canada and now in London, By CHLOE. has a variety of options for your meeting. As busy professionals we know you have a lot going on and sometimes you must let the food come to you. BY CHLOE. provides corporate delivery alternatives for all types of meetings whether it is a brunch meeting of 12 or more or an intimate smaller meeting for 8 or less. By CHLOE. has branches situated in Covent Garden, One Tower Bridge, Oxford Circus and The O2. Proving food menus from burgers to salads and sandwiches to pasta for all type of meetings.



Opened in 2010 at the beautiful surroundings of Soho, Gauthier provides unique dishes for all type of occasions. With a wide range of vegan options, you’ll discover a world full of delicious dishes. PAs, EAs or secretaries we know looking for an intimate space can be difficult, that’s why we think Gauthier is a unique and suitable venue. The restaurant offers customers 6 private dining rooms, such as this gorgeous dining room called the Hidden room. The capacity of people can be as small as 4 people to a maximum of 50 guests depending on what room you choose.

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