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Do we really need another pen?


Like many venues, hotels and probably most other businesses, Church House Westminster spend a lot of time thinking about corporate gifts. These are the branded items designed to be a constant subliminal reminder of your company and the high value it places on its clients who are the lucky recipients of these much sought-after items.


In reality, they are usually fairly tacky, unwanted and contain a high percentage of single-use plastic! Without wishing to completely wreck what is probably a very profitable industry, do any of us really know anyone who needs another pen or an A5 notepad with an elastic strap around it? for the last few years these items have been the go-to gift items, along with season ticket wallets, nail files, mints, memory sticks, and tote bags.


In an attempt to tick the sustainable box Church House Westminster’s recent efforts have included collapsible/reusable coffee cups and bamboo pens, but as they do not find themselves within walking distance of a bamboo forest or rubber plantation they have to question the genuine sustainability of these latest, well-meaning gifts.


At Church House, the team are working towards a zero-gift policy. They still have stock to get through, which rather than throw away and cause a notepad mountain in Westminster they will try and distribute in a responsible way.


If any of you are wondering if this will really work, they have tried it already. At the end of their gala client dinner earlier in the year, they announced that there would be no goodie bags on departure and that instead, they were donating the money to The British Heart Foundation, the announcement was greeted by a rapturous round of applause.


For more information contact Elana Kruger, Marketing Manager at Church House Westminster.


Email: or telephone: 020 7390 1582


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