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Exciting alternatives to the Christmas party


There’s no doubt about it - Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. It’s a time to spend time with loved ones, a time for thoughtful gift exchanges and a time to unwind after a year of hard work.


But it also brings with it a somewhat stressful task for some - organizing the Christmas office party.


A festive get together with colleagues is dreaded by most; in fact, a survey found that 54% of UK employees do not look forward to their annual office Christmas party. But why? We don’t think this should be the case!


We believe a Christmas office party shouldn't be dreaded - it should be anticipated with bated breath. It's the perfect opportunity to get everyone together and have heaps of fun outside of the office environment.


To pull off a holiday office party that’s the highlight of the year, have a gander at these exciting alternatives. They’re educational, exciting, and best of all, they’re out of the ordinary. Your biggest problem will be how to top the Christmas party next year!


Chocolate Making Masterclass

“All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt.”

― Charles M. Schulz


Chocolate is a staple around Christmas time, from advent calendars to giant chocolate Father Christmases. Because everyone loves chocolate, turn your Christmas office party into a cocoa-infused fun activity.


Treat your office to a hands-on chocolate-making masterclass, in which everyone will discover how beans are transformed into a mouthwatering chocolate bar. As well as their own hand-made chocolates, everyone will leave having a newfound appreciation for how deliciously fun Christmas office parties can be.


City Cruise of London

As a real treat to your employees, host your Christmas event along one of London’s most beautiful features - the Thames.


City Cruises offers unforgettable bespoke catering for corporate events - especially suited to companies with over 100 employees. The MV Erasmus, their first dedicated private-hire vessel, includes two large decks for dining, dancing and having a good time. The beautiful boat also boasts state of the art sound and lighting system as well as adaptable indoor and outdoor spaces.


There’s no better way for everyone to end the year than with a glass of Prosecco, meandering down the Thames against the twinkling lights of London.


A Trip to a Theme Park

To really steer away from the uptight feel of a 9-5, reward your employees with a trip to a theme park. This fun-filled idea for a Christmas event gives everyone the chance to act like a kid again!


One of the UK’s biggest theme parks, Alton Towers Resort holds everything you need to make your event a resounding success. The venue boasts an award-winning conference centre, fantastic restaurants, and best of all, over 50 adrenaline-pumping rides and attractions.

If it’s a bit too cold out for a rollercoaster ride, don’t worry. Designed especially for the festive season, the resort offers evening Christmas parties with three exciting themes to choose from - The Enchanted Forest, Sir Algenons Festive Party and Ocean Beatz Flambo’s Jambo. Whether you’re looking to host a glamorous ball or a vibrant Caribbean-themed night, Alton Towers Resort will ensure your Christmas event won’t soon be forgotten.


Themed Christmas Banquet

Undoubtedly one of the highlights of the festive season is indulging in your favourite food. There's nothing quite like gathering around a table, with your work friends while enjoying a fantastic spread of food. But you know what'll make this feast even more fantastically fun? A theme.


The options for themes are endless, so making a decision that everyone will be happy with is practically impossible. To keep the peace, send out a survey to the office beforehand to determine which option the majority wants. Once everyone has decided, send out themed-invitations. Dressing up to the theme always makes for an even more fun affair.


Choosing the right venue for your Christmas banquet is crucial to making it a success. You need a place that will allow for decorations, cater to any dietary requirements, and have enough space for all employees.


Great Office Bake Off

A little bit of competitiveness is always a smart way of making a Christmas office party full of enthusiasm and zest. And there's nothing more nail-bitingly cutthroat than the Great British Bake Off.


Host your own version of the baking show by dividing the office into teams. Each team gets a coloured apron, a bunch of ingredients and a basic recipe for a very mysterious, challenging bake. The obscurity of what they have to bake depends on how cruel you are!


Once each team has plated up their masterpiece, the judges will have to decide which group deserves the title as Star Bakers - a claim they can boast about all until the next office Christmas party.


To finish off a fantastic day of baking, everyone can feast on their baking creations, with some congratulatory Prosecco to accompany their home-made treats.


What are you waiting for? On your marks, get set, bake!



Molecular Mixology Masterclass

Invite the office to embark on a stirring adventure into the world of molecular mixology. With a shot of flare and a splash of innovation, you'll give everyone an insight into what it feels like to be a molecular mixologist for a couple of hours - something they've probably never experienced before!


As well as having heaps of fun with their colleagues in a relaxed but informative environment, each worker will learn how to concoct a festive tipple with all the bells and whistles - fogs, airs, foams, food, liquid nitrogen. Learning a new skill is a terrific way for everyone in the office to have something to chat about and something to bond over.


The Christmas party ends with everyone gathered around, savouring expertly paired snacks and armed with their stunning creative concoctions. For a dash of healthy competitiveness, hand out awards for the best cocktail creations.


Get the Festivities Going

There can be a lot of pressure to host a Christmas office party, especially one that's unique, memorable and fun. From our experience, the best office parties are the ones in which employees are engaged in a hands-on team activity that they can bond over. This takes some planning, but it's worth it.


This year host a Christmas office party that you're proud of; one that shows your gratitude to your employees for an incredible year of hard work and one that everyone will be talking about for years to come.




Guest Contributor: Rae is a 20-something professional digital nomad and editor-in-chief at Truly Experiences, an experience gift company for collecting amazing memories. When she’s not daydreaming about squirrels, bamboo straws and strong cheese, she’s hunched over her laptop, furiously smashing out sarcastic jokes and witty words.

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