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Five Event Tech Trends to Watch Out For in 2020


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The development of technology and its effect on our lives knows no bounds. It seems like every day, there is a new must-have app developed to make our lives easier and more efficient. Unsurprisingly, these new trends in tech even reach the event planning world. From new technology that can speed up check-in lines at events to automation that can do networking without even having to talk, the development of new software and applications seems endless. These trends are being implemented at the biggest of events, saving event planners time, money, and even increasing attendance! It really is a win-win situation.


Let’s take a look at a few up-and-coming event planning friendly tech trends to watch out for this year, and why they’re so important for making your event a total success.

Benefits of Technology at Events

Event technology is such an important part of event planning. Not only does it simplify the duties that the planner is in charge and make their lives less stressful, but it also makes for an overall more engaging and dynamic environment for guests. In addition to this, the event planner is able to get immediate responses to how the participants are responding to the activities and speakers. Should something be changed? Should something be added? These are all questions that can be answered right after the event is finished!

have shown that event technology can decrease costs by up to 30%, increase planner productivity by 27%, and even increase attendance by 20%!


Now that you know why technology can give your event that added advantage, it’s important to know which innovations in event tech are the most beneficial for your event planning. Here are the top trends for 2020.

Venue Sourcing Software

Ever spent hours scrolling through hundreds of different event venues, hoping to find one that matches your exact needs? Well, those days are long gone. There are tons of new software being developed specifically to help event planners find the perfect location for their next event in the easiest way possible. Easy to use software makes it simple to enter the specifics you are looking for, whether it’s location or size, and then the software will help you to narrow down the choices.

Agenda Making Tools

Agendas are a true necessity for hosting a well put together event. How else would guests know where to go and what to do? But the hard part is making sure all guests are satisfied with their activities and get the most out of their day. New agenda making tools are being developed to make sure attendees have the best experience possible. These different tools allow the attendees to learn more about the activities at the event and also helps them sort, order, and select certain activities. Have a talk and a networking event at the same time? No problem! Guests can easily prioritize which event they want to attend more through your agenda!


Some apps make it possible for attendees to give feedback about the activities through the software, on top of letting the user prioritize and read about different events for the day. With certain software made specifically for an event, guests can input what they’re most interested in, or even their dietary requirements if they have food allergies or follow a strict vegan diet. Today, everybody loves being able to be in control, so your attendees will be happy to have the opportunity to be in charge of their own schedule.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, seems like an incredibly daunting subject. What even is it? The answer is simple. AI works on processing data to find patterns and learn from the information it takes in, which makes it a perfect addition to the tech world of event planning. It has the ability to match event-goers with each other based on their common interests and careers that the AI gathered at event check-in. From there, attendees can network with those that they match with. What’s more, AI can work to match attendees with different exhibitions at events to strengthen connection building between companies and their proper target audience. If this all sounds a bit confusing, be assured that if used correctly, AI has the ability to totally transform event planning, elevating your event to a level that will seriously impress your guests.

Facial Recognition in Check-In

Facial recognition is something most people use every day, from unlocking their phones to even paying without their credit card. So utilizing it for a check-in process seems like a no-brainer. The process is simple. Guests who choose to take part in this feature can submit a picture during their registration for the event. Once they go to check-in, the facial recognition software matches their face with the photo they provided, and they are automatically checked in, easy-peasy! The software can help to streamline what sometimes feels like a never-ending check-in process for events.

Wearable tech

“Wearables” are popping up everywhere at events. Essentially, they are smart devices that you wear either around your neck or on your wrist, which can help with exchanging information, checking-in, and even networking. Some of the most popular wearables are attendee badges that have RFID chips and Bluetooth chips built into them that can help guests network in the easiest way possible. Attendees’ badges will light up specific colors that match with other attendees that signal that they have common interests. Basically, they do the first part of networking for you! You’ll be able to know if you are talking to the right person and what they are interested in before you even talk to each other. It really takes efficiency to the next level.


Technology is such a large part of helping to make the lives of event planners, those hosting the event, and even those who attend, easier and more engaging. While it may seem daunting at first, event tech is easier than ever. Saving time and creating efficiency is something that everybody wants, so why not give these a go and see how they work for you? You will definitely be glad that you did.



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