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VisitBritain’s forecast on risks and assumptions

that Brexit could create for event planners in 2020


Based on the International Passenger Survey concluded in 2019 from the Office for National Statistics, the value of inbound visitors spending increased by 9.1% to £25.0bn and the number of inbound visits by 1.7% to 38.5m. With excellent results from 2019, VisitBritain’s forecast for 2020 is to see a boost in the number of consumers by 6.6%bn and visits by 2.9% to 39.7m.


It’s very important to understand the number of visitors that visit and consume in the UK. As event professionals any economic, environmental, cultural, technological and political changes is significant to the events industry effecting the event planner.

With the assumption that Brexit will take over from the 31st January, we don’t see interruption to travel. However, Brexit will create concerns to the supply side of the industry, for instanced the status of migrant workers. According to VisitBritain, hospitality companies report that one of their struggles will be to retain and recruit EU nationals on their staff. What does this mean for event planners? Well simple, hospitality is primarily focused on customer satisfaction.


Everything from special event planning to corporate planning falls under the hospitality industry. If the number of staff decrease, then who will be covering these empty roles? Leading to hospitality businesses either closing or becoming very limited to services.

VisitBritain consumer sentiment research discovered that a significant number of people declined their interest in visiting Britain amongst Europeans. For many international event planners located in the UK this is bitter. This could mean that new strategies need to be introduced to change the mindset or reasons for inbound clients not visiting the UK for reasons such as their corporate meeting, awards ceremony, conference or tradeshow.


Source: VisitBritain


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